GasFrac LPG Frac Boost Eagle Ford Production?

A Canadian company, GasFrac, is opening up a new center of operations in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. The company will be hiring more than one hundred employees for their new Floresville location. The company has developed a new LPG frac technology that does not use water. Since shale rock such as that which exists in the Eagle Ford Shale is susceptible to damage from water based fracs, the new technology promises to reduce or eliminate that damage,  possibly leading to greater overall production from oil and gas wells in the Eagle Ford Shale region. Another great advantage  that the new propane frac technology has over water-based fracs is that in eliminates much of the water that is eventually return to the surface that must be disposed of.  Oil companies  in the Eagle Ford shale must pay not only for vacuum trucks to come to the well locations and  haul away the  produced water, but they must also pay for the cost of disposing that water in deep injection wells.  Energy company executives have already expressed concerns about the fact that water fracing can damage the fragile Eagle Ford Shale formation, therefore causing premature decline rates in new wells and limiting the amount of oil that can ultimately be produced from the reservoir.  Up  until GasFrac invented the new LPG fracing system and brought it to the Eagle Ford Shale, there was no alternative to conventional fracs which to use water.  Energy is one of my major interests and I will continue to add more updates here on this site, including links to relevant articles such as this one.